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Thread: Completed Map of Amrush - Hand-Drawn Style

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    Map Completed Map of Amrush - Hand-Drawn Style

    Well, I think I'm finally going to call this map complete after a couple of days working on it, I'm pretty happy with the final result. I chose to go with the two different fonts because I wanted the text for the locations to have a fantasy-ish feel, while still being very easy to read, while I wanted the flavor notes and title and scale to have a look like being handwritten on the map. Overall I'm quite happy with the result... one continent down, 5 more to go... Although now that I know the style I want, should be a lot faster. Thanks for the comments in the WIP Thread .

    If anyone is curious about the story behind the continent, it was the setting for my most recent D&D campaign, which I have hosted over at Obsidian Portal.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nicely done!

    If the city/town/etc. icons had the same "feel" as the rest of the map, it would be even better.
    No big deal really, just my opinion.
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    Very nice .
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    Okay, I'm compulsive, I can't stop fiddling with this map. I changed the border and added some more flavor to the map, but I didn't change the map itself. I promise that this will be the last update:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I really like that nice job!

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