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Thread: Unusual Game World / Map Request. Semi-Post-Apocalyptic Western Fantasy.

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    Default Unusual Game World / Map Request. Semi-Post-Apocalyptic Western Fantasy.


    Mapped area will be based on North Sentinel Island pre-tsunami:

    However, the mapped area is not an island; where there is water in the above photograph, there should not be water on the map. Instead, outside of the mapped land mass is a sort of uncharted "wasteland".

    The landmarks and topography of the world are completely different, the only thing inherited from the above photograph is the actual shape of the land mass.

    Slight deviations from the photograph are encouraged, it doesn't need to be exact, just very similar.


    Reply to matt_r_davis =at=

    Time Constraints:

    None, take all the time necessary and, in fact, will likely require some collaborative hashing out since some of the map areas are not yet created.


    An artistic and abstracted style using symbology and possibly a legend to communicate the names of places or regions. A sort of mystical architectural style, if that makes sense. See Inspirations, below.

    Description of Map:

    The map would be an overhead map of a semi-post-apocalyptic land area based on North Sentinel Island. Beyond the borders of the land mass (where you see water in the Sentinel Island map above) would be a sort of wasteland that looks similar to what would happen if you drained the ocean and filled it with trash, detritus and lost objects, a sort of Super Saragasso Sea (without water).

    I'm flexible on a lot of the actual details of the map excepting the placement of a few specific landmarks: 4 cities and the Chrysler Building.

    I would want to work closely with the artist in designing the map and naming the various regions and areas that populate it.

    Quality and Size:

    * Professional quality: will be used as the primary map for a small online game
    * Dimensions: flexible, but large
    * Raster / Vector: flexible, whatever gets the job done


    * I will have copyright of the map, which will be used for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of their portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.


    I like the style and clarity of this map, how it communicates a lot of information symbolically and has labels for the various regions:

    I love the depth of this map and the corresponding numerical legend:

    I LOVE the esoteric and weird nature of this map, as well as its amazing textures and consistent colors; it reminds me a lot of Achilles Rizzoli (mentioned below) and is very close to what I would be going for (less the oriental imagery and replaced with different imagery):

    Another source of inspiration, both for the plot of the game and the maps created, is the work of Achilles Rizzoli; I'm specifically fond of his titling and the way he frames his legends in a sort of overly elaborate and opulent style. I suppose this is roughly what I mean by "mystical architectural style":,0s960x601.jpg

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    Sorry, I wanted to add: Though I'd like the copyright to the map, the artist will absolutely be credited when the website goes up as well as providing a link to the artist's website or profile.

    This is basically a labor of love and a project where I want to get a lot of artists together to do something new and unique, so it's all about getting new faces out there, if possible and uniting a lot of different mediums, styles and projects under one banner.

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    Hey there. Good luck getting your cartographer, I'm sure you'll have no problem getting one.

    I just have to say though... that must be the most boring island to base a map on that I've ever seen. It's just a square bunch of trees. :S LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramah View Post
    I just have to say though... that must be the most boring island to base a map on that I've ever seen. It's just a square bunch of trees. :S LOL!
    Haha, yeahhhh... It kind of sucks because the story hinges on it being recognizably tied to that island. Only the shape, really, needs to be the same, though, it doesn't have to share topographical features, proportions or anything like that, in fact, the features should be vastly different... mountains, rivers, plains, cities, etc.

    Thanks for the reply!

    Edit: By the way, the textures and detailing on your maps are gorgeous!

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