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    Hello there, My name is David Gonterman (David Foxfire by pen name) and I'm just betting back to D&D with the 4.0 version. While I do wish to dabble into map making, what I'd really like to do is to find a group interested in playing the Keep of the Shadowfell Adventure.

    I've subscribed to Wizard's D&D Essentials service and even got acepted to their Virtual Table program. I've even created a small collection of characters to play adventures with, most of them 1st or 2nd level and a couple Home Brews tossed in. In one character, a detailed history log is written up and maintained from his many adventures. You can find these character sheets at , although I must warn you that PDFs exported from the Character Builder are quite large. A second format from a Excel Spreadsheet is a lot more managable, and I'll be phasing into using just that for the site in question. (It'll be the Adam Packbell character who'll be doing the Keep of the Shadowfell Adventure, in case you're wondering.)

    I look forward to hearing from you all, and hope that I'd be led in the right direction, both as an adventure maker, and in finding a place to actually play the game.

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    Right now I'm interested in setting up the maps on a computer, automating most if not all of a given adventure to ease in GM'ing. If you want an example of how I do it--with sample maps--you can find Adam's Adventure Journal at, which is part of my wiki for my D&D characters ( ). It will give you samples of my art and story-writing in the process as well.

    But eventually, as I was thinking about current game information that's getting into the D&D Essentials these days--especially stuff about the Shadowfall itself--I think that a customized version of the "Keep of the Shadowfall" is in order, with quite possibly completely redone maps. I have a BA in Studio Art which can really come in handy with projects like this. (If I were to ever become a DM, I wouldn't settle for just an erasable map. I'll make the maps on cardboard for each map and switch to the next appropriate map. Maybe even making Molded ones over time that become diorama.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    I'll be honest if you wanna start off by doing the KotS by all means do so, but there are many different versions of it already made available online. Up to you of course.
    Cheers, Julien

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    I'll be honest if you wanna start off by doing the KotS by all means do so, but there are many different versions of it already made available online. Up to you of course.
    Do you know where I can get them? I like using Masterplan for my adventures, in case you're wondering.

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    Welcome to the Guild. Sounds like a very interesting project.
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