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    Map Rockshelf

    My group of adventurers are moving fast. They'll clear their current adventure next weekend and go onto the fabled city of Rockshelf, Enclave of Goblins loyal to the Crown of Cragdowns.

    Only I don't have Rockshelf ready. Going to have to remedy that!

    I've spent the afternoon laying out the terrain. The city of Rockshelf sits in an extinct crater carved and recarved by a lake. A few hundred years ago an earthquake cracked the northern rim of the crater and out flowed the lake. Although there is still a large lake within, the level has receded. The bottom layer is the lake. A small smidgen of grasslands lead up to the first rock promontory. The inhabitants built their city upon 3 rock layers. This is badlands country. Box canyons, jagged cliffs and treacherous terrain rim the city offering very good protection. Teh north is protected by the lake and the necessity to cross the promontories or go boat-bound.

    Here is the base map. I am uncertain whether I will finish this in FM8 or CD3. I have been using FM8 for a few years. CD3 is brand new, having recently been purchased.

    Click image for larger version. 

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