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Thread: First Subway layout/map

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    Default First Subway layout/map

    I have always had an interest in subway maps/layouts and decided to toy around and build my own.

    I used this one here as a guide and then expanded it, and made it more realistic. I intend on building one completely from scratch once I have finished with this one attached below.

    This will form the basis (and I probably won't change the layout) for my fictional capital city of Megopolis in the Koana Islands.

    Any critiques are welcomed.
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    Nothing to critique really. It looks really good. The only question I would have is one of size. With a map this complex, are you gonna be able to read it without having to have a blowup made at kinkos or something.

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    Hi. Could you tell me the tool you used to make it ? Have you used Inkscape software and the connector function to make that ?

    I am trying to build a board game map Ticket To Ride. As it is based on a real map and real cities (Mongolia), I have to respect more or less the actual locations. Each city needs to be linked by paths and these paths have a more or less predefined length (for game purpose). After cities and paths are connected, I need to move them to have the best setup. I need to use connectors and I use Inkscape. But I am not used to it yet. Any help you can provide ?

    Cheers, Gilles

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    I have lived in New York (long Island) and I currently live near Washington D.C. I am very familiar with both the NYC and DC subway and train systems. I have also had the experience of the Tub in London. I wish real metro systems had as many stations and were as logical as the one you have created. It looks like you just created the metro map without a city already built. Even after Alaska had to be rebuilt after the major earth quake last century the train systems did not look that neat. That is my only critique. It does look great.


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