Greetings all...

I've been using CC2 & CC3 for some time now, however, I have a need for something new.
I would like to take a standard topographical map, with contour lines and associated altitudes, and have a 3d image of that topography be rendered.
It doesn't have to look realistic or "fractalized", but I just want to be able to give someone a good impression on what the topography of the surrounding countryside would look like to someone from a 3d perspective.

Can anyone recommend some easy-to use software that does that?

I know that some of the higher-end CAD software, like AutoDesk Civil 3D, can do things like this, but they are more designed for survey system inputs.
I don't need or have any of that.

All I really wish to do is draw a map, set a distance scale, draw some contour lines, associate them with an altitude, and then have the software show me what that map would look like from a 3d perspective.

Does anyone have any recommendations?