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Thread: May 2011 Challenge Entry - The Wyndava Islands [Withdrawn]

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    Default May 2011 Challenge Entry - The Wyndava Islands [Withdrawn]

    Okay, time to throw myself into the fight again, no pics as of yet just ideas. On a side note the title is supposed to have Island at the end and the B is supposed to be a V, could an admin please change if you have time?

    When tyring to figure out a concept for a map I was stumped to figure a creating way to show national borders so I decided to move onto an insland chain nation map, the sea itself will act as a border. This will be interesting as my first successful map consisted almost entirely of islands so I now I have come back and with what I know now I intend to surpass it.

    Also in a break from my usual style (not really my style but you know what I mean) this map will not be in satellite/semi-real style instead as with my other comp entry maps I'm going to wing it and try and hand-draw most of the map and try new techniques. I'm going for something more artsy and less atlas such as hand-drawn cliffs and city symbols, I also intend to make it very colourful with equally artsy decorative elements like the compass and borders. Hopefully I can have some WIP maps up soon.

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