This will be my first time competing in these contests. No art yet; I want to plan this out.

Doing research on what constitutes a nation.

List of elements to be included in project:

  1. The location must feel like it has history to it. Nationa will be a nation-state that formed from the dominant ethnic group of an older empire (the Broken Empire as the thread title suggests), and is surrounded by smaller hostile nation-states of ethnic groups that were oppressed in the former empire.
  2. Almost no coastline on the map. I want Nationa to feel exposed and under constant threat of land invasion.
  3. Borders to be a mixture of natural boundaries and arbitrary delineations, via treaties.
  4. At least 200 labeled locations on the map. I want this place to feel heavily populated.
  5. Historical elements to the map (like former boundaries and such).
  6. Silly silly names.

On a side note:
Is there a size limitation to these maps?
How do create a thumbnail on a forum post?