Salutations everyone, I am super new to CCIII and I would like some advice from you old pro's here. I have hand drawn a city underground for an upcoming D&D Dark Elf game I am running. The hand drawn piece on graph paper is fairly detailed and I would like to add some color and put some of the nice touches that I have seen CCIII do to some of the cities and land art.

Basically I want to recreate the city using the tools on the base CCIII. I do not have the city creator software just yet as I want to learn on this part first. I would think sort of a stone background with some bluffs (underground rises) where some of the nobles live and some schools for the Dark Elves are should be easily made using the inherent tools withing CCIII. It is a rather large city with multiple districts and 4 large rivers that intersect the city and split it into 4 large sections and rivers spill into a great Niagara Falls-esque explosion of water in a very very deep chasm which in turn feeds large tributaries that end in a large underground sea. There are, as I have stated earlier, large rises, giant stalactites, stalagmites, small fissures in the earth, large mushroom and underground trees varieties. There is even a large grass-like plateau for herds of bison like animals.

This and many homes of various sizes and a traders market and much more are scattered throughout the large dark elf city. I would like to add some nice icons for certain areas and all around just make it a professional level looking map for my players.

So there it is, is somewhat of a small nutshell. Any advice to help me get started on this would be greatly appreciated.