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Thread: I will build your city/building/dungeon

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    Default I will build your city/building/dungeon

    howdy, I am here to make any offer to anyone who is interested.(I hope this is the right place) I will build cities, buildings, or dungeons of your design. I love seeing blueprints become a relaity. I'm playing a game called minecraft where I have been at a loss as to what to build. there are some rules and regulations to this though, I have a limited selection of tools that can be used to build this city as shown in the following link.

    The entire game is made up of blocks. I prefer to think of them as blocks that are 2.5 foot cubes. Circles can be made but they are difficult and it requires a little imagination (they normally look like diamonds). Any space must be a minimum of 2 blocks high. When you draw or present something for me to create make sure to keep all of this in mind. I have an entire world at my fingertips, if you want something built out of a specific block then make sure to specify what you want the block made of. Also, if you would like to see a full video of the project when it's complete, add that into your building request. I will send you pictures of it when it is done unless you request a video. If you label every building then that building will have a sign on it when I build it with the name you have given it.

    If you would like the surrounding area to be anything specific, forest, air, ocean, dirt, stone, desert, or lava, please include that in the description. Lava and fire will set nearby wood and leaves on fire.

    If you're interested feel free to ask details here, I look forward to filling requests. BTW, yes, this is 100% free, I'm building things because I like to I just haven't been able to think of anything to build lately.

    My inbox does not work so please make any requests in this thread or e-mail them to
    Thank you for your time.

    EDIT: BTW, please keep your first few requests on the smaller side. For a city/outpost, 10-20 buildings at the most, so more of a town/hamlet. Castles, towers, and dungeons, try to keep under 50 rooms. Things will take some time to build, I look forwrad to seeing what requests people have.
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    I got fortresscraft for my Xbox 360 and want to try build part of my city or at least the Castle and Court buildings.
    The crappy things about Fortresscraft is it is nowhere as large as minecraft is and has a limited selection of blocks so far.

    I would almost take you up on that offer, but that is too much work to have someone do on my behalf for nothing.

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    If you have the blueprints for it I'll make it. I simply enjoy building. Or, an alternative is, everything I'm building is on a free to join server in minecraft, if you buy the game then you're more than welcome to join us and build it yourself or ask for some help building your city and castle.

    EDIT: I am almost done with my current project which I will post here upon completion which shouldn't be any later than the end of the week. I will have a video program soon so you'll be able to either look at screen shots or a full fledged video.

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