I'm doing a future earth world based loosely on the idea of the shattering from wheel of time. Instead of a giant magical back lash from magic being tainted it's magic came back to the world and there were people who were extremely powerful at magic with out having any training and this lead to the world changing. For instance scandenvia breaking off entirely from europe, Germany becoming highly mountainous, england now connected to the main continent. But the problem i have is while i'm good at coming up with fantasy names, i'm very poor at coming up with authentic sounding names and i don't want every name to be things like "the two rivers" or "white bridge" or "land of flat and flowing rivers".

Current names are as follows, with what the people are supposed to be

1. Föğurland(Nordic)
2. Jemoix(French)
a. La Ciudad de Rosas(capital city)
3. Tiberius(Roman)
a. Orte(capital city)
4. Stein Kamin(german)
5. Terrassa(spain)
6. The Sparkling Isles(Sea Traders)

any help would be appreciated.