Media: Inked lineart & Photoshop CS3

This was a commission like the map of Saren before it. It has been some time since I took on a hand-drawn project like this, and I'm certainly not accustomed to drawing maps in this fashion, but I felt it would lend to the authenticity of this medieval/fantasy game.

Some notes on Brannstadt:
  • As noted in the legend, Brannstadt is capital in the vampiric realm of Rimwald. It is positioned deep within the countryside on the island continent of Ingelvartz, comparatively near to the source of its longest river, the Ingelsfoll.
  • Brannstadt is named after its current custodians, the ancient Brann dynasty. It is they who ensure the safe keeping of the vampires' Maker - a powerful being who was left in Saren after the departure of the world's Guardians. It is also home to the country's most esteemed centres of culture and learning.
  • Brannstadt is fortified, though not to the same extent as Rimwald's coastal towns. Accessible only by foot through the river-side Brannstrass and Riverpoint Roads, and the hilly Zeppel and Karsten Passes - or by water up the Ingelsfoll - the city's guardians have little cause to make more than basic defences. The city is surrounded to the north and west by the mountains of Luftridge, to the east by hills and dense forest, and to the south by rocky passes - not forgetting the river itself.
  • Rarely amongst Saren's settlements, Brannstadt is largely devoid of markets and farms; this is due to the unique lifestyle of the vampires, who have no need for livestock, grain or commerce in such things. As immortals of taste, they do consider a need for artisan wares; Brannstadt is also host to premium slave fairs. Many of its large manors also keep their own 'livestock'.
  • Much of the cities and towns of Rimwald are given over to churches, cemeteries and private crypts. As vampires bore of their lives, they may elect to return to the crypt for a set period of time; it is here that they place their trust in familiars, be they a lower caste of vampire or an enthralled family, chosen from the mortal races. Spiritual ceremonies of a sort are carried out at these churches - laying to rest those vampires who don't own a private grave - but the churches are also heavily fortified. Indeed their custodians often sit on the verge of insanity as their eternal wards lay vulnerable, just as we might regard our hospitals or nurseries.