Hello Cartographers!

Iím a passionate gamer, history jock and old maps lover.

I'm developing with two friends a Turn Based MMO Strategy Game about the World War I. It will run directly in the browser and no, itís not one more clone of Travian.

We have done by now most of the programming and content but we need some beautiful art, specially the map where the game is played.

I was very impressed by some works here and want to ask who would be interested in making this map.

Requirements of the map:

- Should be huge (8000x6000 pixels) Ė we are using Deep Zoom.
- Europe and North Africa.
- Old map style (World War I).
- Some small details like trench systems, major cities and mountain chains.

It would look something like this in the higher level (not so old and without any writings):

and something between these two in the deeper zoom:

We invested much of our free time in the last two years for making the game but we canít pay much. If this title makes reasonable success, there are several others on the way (WWII, Medieval Europe, Roman Empire, etc.) and we could pay much better for the art of the sequels.

Artists interested, please contact me in the e-mail: fernando.augusto.odanan@gmail.com

Most regards,

Fernando 'Odanan'