Hello and greetings, wellmet and howdy!

I'm a grizzled old D&Der and map mad artist and designer. I plan to get some maps and bits 'n bobs uploaded from my 3 decade old campaign, and get into a routine of doing some work hopefully inspired and encouraged by whats happening on this marvellous website.

I live in rural Sussex in England, in the ancient wood realm of Anderida which once grew along the south coast, it's full of ancient trackways, iron-age hillforts, Roman roads and medieval castles and halls. Its a marvellous inspirational county.

I must admit from what I see here there's a lot of excellent talented people here - I hope I can add something equally as good! But my main aim to see people's techniques and finished maps to get inspiration, have a chat and give a good excuse for getting work done! If I seem to have not done anything for a while GIVE US A POKE!!!!