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Thread: Commission rates for Fantasy Maps in books... HELP!!!

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    Default Commission rates for Fantasy Maps in books... HELP!!!


    I'm new to the guild although I've enjoyed looking at maps for a long time... especially ones placed at the beginning of fantasy books. I always feel a little disappointed when I open a new book and there's no map in the front. I've drawn maps out longhand before, but only recently have I taken to editing them digitally and I'm enjoying the results.

    Today an author contacted me asking if he could commission me to do a map for his YA Fantasy book which will be published through AMG in the summer. I've had some contact with this author before and I was even able to meet him once. The problem is, I know nothing about commission rates and/or royalties for illustrations/maps. Should I even ask for royalties, or is that only when dealing with publishers? Does anyone else know what I should ask for? Would anyone be willing to give me some advice?

    He wants a map similar in style to the one I created for my WIP. Here's the link to that map:
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