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    Why does Westeron moss grow on the south side of trees? Ours grows on the north because that's where the sun isn't.

    What do Westeron mammoths eat? It seems there is little vegetation in the far north where they live. We think of mammoths as ice age creatures but they must have eaten like elephants only more so. Glaciers are scenic but not very nourishing so the mammoths must have lived well to the south of them and migrated up and down as the ice receded and advanced.

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    "From the preserved dung of Columbian mammoths found in a Utah cave, a mammoth’s diet consisted primarily of grasses, sedges, and rushes. Just 5% included saltbush wood and fruits, cactus fragments, sagebrush wood, water birch, and blue spruce. So, though primarily a grazer, the Columbian mammoth did a bit of browsing as well."

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    Hmmmmm....something a bit bottish about that first post...either that or someone who wants their homework doing for them.
    I was thinking the same thing.....
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    it made me think and do some research so I let it go last week.
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    Yeah I was skeptical when I first saw it as well...but I let it slide.
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