I've been working on a world for hopefully a novel for around four months now. So far works been pretty slow because I've been doing a lot of study on history to just build on my knowledge and what I can add into the world.

I've made maps in the past but they have only been simple region maps or island maps but never have I attempted a continent map. That's exactly what I'm looking to do now.

What I'm wondering is if it would be best to hand draw it or to "randomly generate" a map through photoshop. (Note, I don't know for sure if that's the only way to make maps through photoshop but because I don't own an "art pad" for the pc I can't hand draw it through that method).

Doing it through photoshop gives me the ability to make a decent looking map with relative ease but hand drawing a map just feels more natural to me.

I know it's just my opinion but I'm curious what others prefer, making maps on their own or basically letting the cloud render method make one for them.