I know that its been done before and there was a real nice one from Neon Knight a long time back but I am making a blood bowl board for a mate of mine and we have both agreed that the pic here is great for what we want. Now the colours are garish but don't be alarmed they are just markers and he is real bad colour blind - not kidding either... So the pink is a cut right through the board so that the edge of the board is blue with a hole in the bottom for a carry handle. Then the blue is the main board, the green is recessed down from blue a few mm and then red is recessed down from green a few mm more. The whole board will be painted green with the lines of white needing to be painted on at the end. So the red recessed dimples are the size of the character base so they fit into the holes.

Were going to use some bits of card or something with numbers on and a character base stuck to them for keeping the score. A double digit score is slightly optimistic I know...

Were not sure if were going to flock the green pitch or whether the board will have some texture to it after being painted.

Now, any suggestions that I might be able to do at this stage or do you guys think its fine. The board for the reserves and dead dudes will be separate but if there is anything I could add that might be useful at this point then ill consider it. My mate plays a lot but I have only had one match so far.