I have been notified by several members of a PM spam attack...of which I am shocked about because its taken a while...The user has been subsequently removed and all PMs from that user have been deleted.

I am going to attempt to make a change to the boards permissions that will require at least 10 posts to the forums before being allowed to use the PM system. This may take a while to implement, so bare with me.

If the problem gets any worse I will have to return to manual user validation...BUT...unlike the early days, this will be a lot easier since this forum actually has that capability built in, and even the community leaders will be able to validate.

If forum post spam ever starts I may make the first 5 forum posts by any member require moderation before appearing.

This of course will require more actual work by me and my community leaders which may mean I'll have to recruit another one or two...we'll see how that goes...

But, I am aware of the problem and will try to keep a close eye on it...In the meantime, if you get any spam in PM, just contact me and I'll make sure the spammer is removed and his messages go with him.