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Thread: Map request - unpaid

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    Help Map request - unpaid

    I have a small hopeful easy to knock out but fun map request.

    ::looks around for any players::

    My adventurers are about to embark on a river journey as passengers on a Viking Longship. I need a surprise What The Heck?!? encounter.

    I am going to have them encounter Drow pirates, in a submarine.

    Let that sink in for a moment.

    All I need is a basic map of the sub's top surface where the pirates can attack from and a corresponding inner chamber inside the sub just in case the players get crazy and want to try and take it over. (and face it if you were the player, wouldn't you be tempted to try to commandeer such a craft?)

    I am thinking the sub should be about 50-60 feet long, 10-15 feet wide and high. I am envisioning the propulsion system would be a set of bellows along with a set of paddles/flippers. Drowish decoration and accompaniments.

    This map will be used in Klooge my VTT for likely only this one encounter so I am looking on the kindness of artists to help out.

    I would like to use this map in an encounter in a game session either on May 27th or June 3rd (two to three weeks away). If my players stay on track.

    As always the artist retains full copyright for their work, I will only use it in my own personal game.

    Thank you for any interest in this.

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