The Stella Arcis (Star Fortress) rises 70 feet above the city of Leggarium. As explained by the name these towers are built in the shape of a star. A symbol most important to the Empire. The fortress bristles with ballista emplacements as well as archers hidden in almost impregnable pits just below. Each Arcis (and there are 12) has it's own commander who issues orders and is responsible for the hundred plus troops under his command. Each Arcis is linked to the others with a 60 foot tall wall that surrounds the city of Leggarium. Each Arcis can also be reached from the ground by two shafts that run the height of the fortress. These shafts contain ladders made from stout wood. It is a good thing that the soldiers of the Celestial Empire are not weak of heart as this climb is arduous and nerve racking to say the least. Each Arcis also carries a secret. The inner core of the tower is filled with rock and gravel. This forms a trap for anyone attempting to breach the tower as well as making it nearly impossible to tunnel into the Arcis from below.

This was my April/May Lite challenge entry. It was done in GIMP.
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