I would like to request the services of a skilled cartographer. I am working on a extensive D&D campaign and will need several maps drawn up. The first map will be a world map and consists of a large continent, a medium continent, and several islands. This is a WIP and I will need some regional maps drawn up as well. The name of the campaign is called “Shadow Earth” and the name of the world is called “Eldor.”

As far as time constraints go I would like to get this project started at the beginning of June, and finished within 3 months time. I don’t have a particular style in mind, just want a nice detailed colorful map.


Telara - These 2 islands are inhabited by the Angelic beings known as “Ariels”. The islands are forested with mountains. The Ariels dwell in the peaks of the largest mountains of Telara.

Grom - The jungles of Grom extend from the southern tip of the eastern continent to the archipelego islands west of the main continent. These jungles have mountains and have extensive volcanic activity. Here the reptilian “Sarions” dwell in their temples.

Dreknar - This is the desert region of the eastern continent and the mighty Orcs dwell here. Their capital city is called Drekna.

Enara - This island is inhabited by High Elves and is heavily forested. The capital city is hidden with elven enchantments and cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Varnak - Here dwell the Dark Elves of Eldor. The High Elves and Dark Elves are at war and loath each other. Their capital city is also hidden with dark elven enchantments, and cannot be seen.

Arynthia - This extensive forest is inhabited by the Wood Elves. The capial city is hidden by powerful elven enchantments and cannot be seen.

Faldor - This region is where the Gnomes and Dwarves live. The Gnomes live on the Western side of the bay while the Dwarves live on the Eastern. Pass #1 & #2 have dwarven forts there and the main dwarven citadel is just north of pass #2.

Uldor - This is where the Human Highlanders live. They have a castle located strategically on the southern part of the kingdom.

Taberon - This is the kingdom of the Raven and the main walled city is called "Ravenscar". This kingdom relies on farming and fishing from the port town on the eastern coast. The Knights of the Raven are located in a castle which defends pass #4.

Validan - This is mainly a farming community with hamlets dispersed around the country. Mining is also a major resource for the kingdom. There is a castle guarding pass #3.

Talidar - Here dwell the Knights of Talidar. Farming and timber are the major resources of the area.

Narghos - This is the home of the Giants of Eldor. Here they dwell in their castle. They are at war with the Dwarves of Faldor.

Mogra - This area is heavily forested with hills and the Goblins of Eldor dwell here.

Embara - The Gypsies dwell here and are rumored to be in league with the Vampires of Tyrak. Fishing and timber are the major resources of the area.
Tyrak - This is the region where the Vampires dwell. Pass #5 is guarded by a fort which is almost impregnable. In the northwestern section of Tyrak is the Vampires Fortress.

Black Forest - A dark and mysterious area rumored to be inhabited by Lycans.

Desolatia - An extensive wasteland inhabited by masses of Undead.

Quality & Size: I want this to be a professional map. Not too familiar with map sizes, but dont want a huge map. Just enough space to achieve the detail necessary for the project.

Copyright: I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.

Note: If you are interested in doing this PM me via this forum and I will email you a copy of the world map sketch, and we can discuss this in further detail. My budget for this world map is around $150 US Dollars.