Not sure what to say.

I'm a D&D geek from way-back. Started with Robotech and progressed to 1e AD&D some time around '87-'88. Usually I've been the DM in all the groups I've been in and most of those I've started from scratch with randoms. Most of them don't work out because of that (them being random, not me starting them... although, that probably has played into a few of the failures ) and so all my lovely setting material goes to waste.

I've tried to get into cartography a few times but I find the programs to be... unintuitive. I've taken classes in Photoshop and Illustrator and yet I STILL don't understand them! I struggle to do even the most basic of things like fills. Seriously, a fill shouldn't be so damned hard to do! Choose the pretty little paint-bucket icon, click a colour, click where you want it to fill, and it should be "VOILA!" but noooooooooooooo! Illustrator just beeps at me and tells me it can't be done. Stupid Illustrator.

Aaaaannnyway, my low IQ and attention-span aside, I've amounted a vast collection of writing on my fantasy setting as well as hundreds of pathetically crafted maps. Amongst those turds are a few shinies which I'm currently sifting for and trying to polish. Knowing my luck, though, they'll probably just be gallstones.

And on that note, nice to meet you all!