Greetings. I'm currently looking to have a map recreated for use with an article (and possible series) for Fight On! magazine. The article will detail a fictional area of the Catskill region of New York State. The area depicted in the article is based loosely upon real places, however, and I've found several vintage U.S. Geological survey topographical maps of that area. As they are very detailed (too much so for a roleplaying article), I'd like to have them reproduced in a manner that eschews some of the detail will still retaining a realistic appearance. And while the geographical details will remain intact, names will need to be changed. I'm hoping someone might be interested in this project and be willing to step in to help. Here are the project's criteria.

Commission: Unpaid. This is for a fanzine article aimed at the old school gaming community and neither myself or cartographer will be paid for our work.

Time Constraints: 2-4 months depending on the writing time required to assemble the accompanying article.

Style: Semi-realistic topographical map with a 1920's vibe if possible. This is the one of the maps I hope to recreate.

Quality & Size: The map will appear in print and PDF. The printed version will be greyscale and should span two printed pages (approx. 11" x 17"). A 300 dpi image will be required to ensure print quality.

Copyright - As with all submissions to Fight On!, the contributor retains full ownership of his/her work and the magazine only asks permission to reproduce it in its issue or issue omnibuses. I will retain ownership of the text article; the cartographer will retain the rights to his/her map.

If you are interested in sharing a byline with me on this submission, please contact Michael Curtis at Thank you very much for considering this and have a pleasant day.