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    Map Lenova World Map


    Cartographer Guild Member's,

    Style: Parchment (example)
    Size: 9000x6000
    Copyright: You will ONLY have the right to claim creation and display in a portfolio.
    Time Frame: 2-2.5 weeks
    Payment: Paypal

    Please Read

    Lenova is the name of the world in the novel series I am currently working on, The Melody of Pain. It was originally called Asura and I created it in (see old map here), but due to a story/plot change and name change I changed it a little (see here). I would like it to be the same shape, slightly bigger (dimensions above), and using a parchment style (see example link above). This will be used in a commercial novel. The only copyright you will be able to claim is, help creating it and display in a portfolio (your portion of creation).

    Quick Job Tasks List

    1) Re-create the map here, but on a larger scale (9000x6000)
    2) Needs to be in Parchment style (example link above)

    *All I need is the above. I will add trees, mountains, etc.

    Requested Info From You

    1) Send PRICE quote via PM (personal message) on this forum.
    2) Sample work would be nice (PM)
    3) Second means of contact; e-mail (PM)

    *Job will go to the fairest price.

    Kage Kazumi
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