First post, first map, lots of firsts and a good chance I'm in way over my head, but here goes.

Legacy is a RP setting, the work of a Mage building a home of his own to retire into and escape a previous existence. Of course he gets bored and populates it, just to see what happens, and so my setting begins. It is an ambitious project, and I doubt it is it's final incarnation but i intend to fill this land with people, tribes, eventually citys, all in game. It will be the work of several Game Masters and over the years dozens, if not hundreds of Players.
Unless the world is destroyed within its first few games then I'll be updating this with locations established, towns, valleys, whatever. As it's created it will be posted here.

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I think RobA, Arsheesh and Ascension are responsible for most of the techniques used so far, if anyone else can see elements that I have used that should be credited to other artists could you alert me so i can add at least a reference, since I could not have got anywhere without the experienced members already on this site.

Legacy being a work in progress, and nothing is really set in stone so far I would love to hear suggestions and advice from others, and I really hope some of the advice happens to be names, After all, i just called a planet "Legacy" i would hope to avoid as many clichés as can.
(Also what are the attachment rules? I somehow cannot find them and I think the files I have might be a little... Huge)