I'd like to publish a book electronically this summer. I'm looking for a CC3 map of the fantasy setting, which is basically some cities, rivers and towns ringing a large bay. I'd send a scan of a hand-drawn version to whoever took this on.

If you'd like to make suggestions on how to improve what I send you, that would be fine too! I'd probably end up using the map in the book and on my website, crediting the mapmaker of course.

I was thinking of $100 for the fee. I'd want the copyright, while still giving rights to the mapmaker to use in a portfolio.

I'm not picky about the program you'd use --- I suppose it would probably be CC3, but I'm open to any other software a mapmaker might care to use.

I happen to have access to both CC3 and Photoshop, but I'm not confident in my ability to produce something that looks professional.

Thank You!