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Thread: Olbia Region

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    Map Olbia Region

    I used this map for a 1 player D&D one-time session. I might upgrade this map since there is a possibility that we'll play more sessions in the same "world", but mostly I would just like a critique from the CG community, please.

    I'm sure you can all tell that I made it using Paint. But I'm still proud of myself for finishing it in about 45 minutes

    So does anyone think I should continue making maps with Paint, or should I move on to something more powerful like GIMP?
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    If you can make anything better than a flat rectangle in paint then you should try Gimp / PSP / Photoshop etc and post post post...

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    I'm not sure why you're using paint if you have experience with PS, isn't that limiting yourself unnecessarily?

    If you don't have PS then do download GIMP or Inkscape and use either one of those, you'll have so many more options at your command.

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    For a map done with Paint, it turned out pretty good, but I also believe that you can get a much better product with PS, or Gimp. Still, I would like to see more!

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    That is a nice map, and deserving of some rep for using a limited (to me at least, but then I am a bit of an Idiot ) paint program.
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