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Thread: Spelljammer Map of the Flow (WIP)

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    Wip Spelljammer Map of the Flow (WIP)

    Ok, I'm not sure if this is the right place, but here goes...

    Sometime ago I produced this map of the flow, I've recently started work on updating it, with the intention of being as close to the original sources as I can get, while adding as many fan-created spheres as possible.
    Here are my current versions (as of 01/12/2012):
    Complete PDF version
    (still no SVG version this time - mut not that much has changed.)

    PDF version that only shows 'known' areas

    Older versions can be found here

    The actual map is in layers, I plan to produce several versions; a 'player's map' showing only known spheres and rivers, and a 'gm's map' showing unknown features as well, other versions maybe possible as well. I'm hoping I will eventually be able to produce a single pdf with multiple 'layers' - eventually.

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