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    Default [D20 Cartographer} New Pack Packs - Cleric's Cathedral and Fighter's Barroom Brawl

    Since I don't yet seem to have access to the "News" thread (feel free to move it there, mods), I thought I would go ahead and post this here. I very, very recently opened my RPGNow store, selling map packs to the masses! I've finished and uploaded my very first two releases, and thought I'd let you guys know what I'm up (and take the opportunity to advertise. Mwaw haw haw)

    Here are some images and copy I've worked up. for both releases:
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    One Dollar Dungeon: Cleric's Cathedral

    This first release is a map pack featuring a large (over poster sized!) furnished cathedral with an attached crypt.

    Of course the pack includes printable PDF versions in color and high contrast black and white for the table top games, but it also includes full VTT support! The included .rpmap (Maptools) file comes with vision blocking and a robust object layer set up for you. If you use a different VTT, it is no problem, as the full map 100.dpi images and about 17 .png objects are included in the download. And all of this for only one dollar!

    There will be a One Dollar Dungeon that is themed after each traditional RPG character class, so if you like my first release, keep your eyes peeled for the next, which is coming soon!
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Setting a pretty good pace, I've already released my second map pack on RPGNow! Here we go:

    One Dollar Dungeon: Fighter's Barroom Brawl

    Fighter's Barroom Brawl is the second in a series of One Dollar Dungeon maps, which represent convenient starting locations or class-specific adventure locals for each traditional RPG character class. Fighter‘s Barroom Brawl is a rough-and-tumble tavern and inn so you can have access to your beds and your booze in one place! The taproom and inn features two floors and a cellar mapped out in typical 1 in. = 5 ft. map format.

    Along with the standard presentation of multi-page printable PDF, I'm also including vigorous maptools support. This means that it includes a download of an .rpmap file with vision blocking and a very robust object layer. As I am learning about different maptools functionalities, I am including more neat options. I've already figured how to have doors swing on their hinges, and I include several portraits for objects and scenes, but this time I have made many of the objects interactable, with macros to do neat things like overturn the tables for cover, spill people's beers, and light and snuff out the candles!

    This map pack comes with forty .png objects that would fit in any inn or tavern. I put a lot of effort into filling the place up. You can reap the benefits of my work for only a buck!

    Thanks, as always, for reading.
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    And there you have it. Wish me luck! If anyone happens to pick one up, I'd absolutely welcome any C&C you have on the maps, the presentation, the maptools implementation, anything. I am just getting going, and I'd wager that I have oodles to learn before this starts going smoothly.
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