Literally... disbelief.

I can't believe I've never found this place before. Like some hidden treasure trove tucked behind a tree you pass every day. I'm Indiana Jones, and this is the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull... but seriously, you people really shouldn't keep this place from map fanatics like myself. I'm pretty sure it's unlawful, and most assuredly its inhumane. Ok, I'll stop before it ceases to be funny... but this really is like coming home.

I'm Del, 34 and I've been drawing maps since I can remember, even before I discovered RPG's at the tender age of 8. Ya'll can do the math on that one. I just recently got my CC3 upgraded and for the past few days have been installing and patching and downloading and working through the Annuals, well... actually.. i'm just on the first one, lol.

I'd bore all of you with more of my constant jabbering, but I don't want ya'll to run me off just yet. So I thought I'd just give a quick hello, warn you ahead of time so to speak. I'm sure my future reads "Questions that need answers"

This place rocks.