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    Default Well I guess I'll say Hello

    I stumbled upon this guild while searching for maps. I played D&D when Gary Gygax was still in charge and have dabbled now and then for the past, oh 30 years or so. Anyway, my kids and I started playing and recently decided to try out 4th edition with some published adventures. Of course, the easiest but not necessarily best edited are the Scales of War. I found a number of difficulties with the provided maps and level of detail so started searching. I really like the SOW maps I found here and will be coming back to get more of them as we follow the campaign. Anyway, I babble on.

    In my youth I designed an entire world based on an old role-playing game called ROLEMASTER. I blew one continent up to the size of a sheet of plywood (4' by 8') with one inch hexes as my overland map. I then set out to detail each hex blown up to a sheet of graph paper. I don't remember the exact scale but I then made module books based on the areas my players went to. I ran an ongoing campaign for about ten years before I packed it all up in several boxes stacked in a closet and joined the Navy. While I was away, a house fire destroyed most of it. I have toyed with the idea of putting it all together on a computer and even tried once but have never really decided to put forth that much effort. With my daughters being a bit older (teenagers) now, and finally having some time on my hands when I am not working so much, I will once again pursue the idea of assembling it all. I have downloaded a copy of CC3 to play with and if I like it, will probably buy the entire bundle at some point in the near future. I am not the most artistic of people but I am good with computers so will likely be borrowing the artwork of others to be the individual tiles of my world until I get the hang of how to do it myself.

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    Welcome to the Guild. I would have loved to see your "plywood" scaled map. I have been around since the beginning as well and some of the stuff that came out of that era is just amazing.
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    4 x 8, pretty impressive. Welcome.
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    Welcome to the guild Berry, I love hearing the stories of "Old Timers" from back in the yesteryears of board and RPG games. To bad about your Rolemaster setup, I bet that would be a blast to show your kids if they are getting interested in Pen & Paper games.

    Hope you have a good time here!

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    Welcome to the Guild!

    Loved your old-timer story as it brought back memories of my own past world creations. If you have any questions on CC3, please just ask.
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    Welcome Aboard!
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