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Thread: The Sands of Lothgar

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    Map The Sands of Lothgar

    "Formerly part of the Avenian Empire, Lothgar won its independence following the events of the Avenian Civil War. Lothgar is ruled by a powerful Autarch who is treated as a demigod. Much of the Lothgarian Empire is located in arid lands. However the fertile Kellan river delta has both sustained the empire, and made it wealthy through trade. In fact, Lothgar is one of the major producers of coffee and spices in Eriond."

    I've been slowly attempting to map out the various regions of my homebrew world of Eriond, and this is another installment in that project. Lothgar is a powerful Autarchy located in the arid southlands of Eriond. The map was made using GIMP and Wilbur, with a bit of Inscape thrown in besides. Thanks to everyone who provided advice and feedback over at the WIP thread (which can be found here).

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    I love the map! I've always enjoyed a good desert campaign and this one looks like it would be a lot of fun! Great job!

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    Why thank you kindly Valtharius. I've actually not had the pleasure of playing in (let alone running) a desert campaign yet, but I hope to someday. Who knows, perhaps my next campaign will be set in Lothgar.


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    Hehe, I can't put my finger on it but I like this map arsheesh. Plus, the border is totally awesome. I still don't know what I'm doing with borders.....someone needs to make a good tutorial on them.
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    Awesome Awesome Awesome. As usual.
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    Nicely done! A bit Egypt-like.

    Though the font fits the theme of the piece, I find it a bit hard to read.
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    Thanks for all the feedback guys! @Jax, hm, perhaps I can whip something up this coming week. @JT, thanks buddy. @Steel General, you are absolutely right about the font. I debated for some time on whether or not to use it, or to instead to use a more standard, legible font. In the end I chose to sacrifice a little legibility to preserve the overall theme of the map.


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    Yeah, I was having the same problem with the font, especially where its embossed. Well crafted nonetheless.
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    Map Lothgar Israh Style

    Thanks Vman. BTW, I'm currently putting together a little tutorial on making map borders in GIMP and I wanted to show how to make a (somewhat) more traditional map border, for parchment maps and such. Problem was that I hadn't done any traditional style maps yet. So, rather than starting a new map for the tutorial, I decided to just go ahead and apply a2area's Israh mapping style to my Lothgar map. Here's how it turned out:
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