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Thread: RPG Epic Encounter Maps by The Red Epic, Thread #2

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    Default RPG Epic Encounter Maps by The Red Epic, Thread #2

    Hey All,

    SO i have decided to put together a 8.5"x 11" book of map encounters that i will get published, and hopefully will sell well at the Next Gen con. There will be 24 full color encounter maps of different locations and settings, and i'm toying around with including a couple 1x1 inch gridded battlemaps as well, (double page spread to fit).

    The whole idea being that a DM could buy this book (im toying around with 20-25$ resale), and have a whole range of different nicely rendered encounter maps at their fingertips to draw inspiration and/or incorporate into his/her adventure that they are running. I have heard that the encounter maps i have done for Paizo and Wizards in this same style are enjoyed very much, so i thought this would be a useful tool to those DMs that want good maps and/or story seeds to use.

    I will be updating this as i finish them, so please leave ideas, comments, and suggestions, i would really appreciate it! Thanks!

    PRINTS FOR SALE: Get them while they are hot guys, Epic Cartography maps are on my FB Group page with prices and descriptions!

    SHOOT me an Email or PM for prints. They are all printed, cute, laminated, numbered and signed by me Maps go from 8$-15$ apiece + shipping. Let me know

    #13 The Tomb
    The large stone blocking the entrance lay broken on the floor, revealing an old door. Ruins of an ancient kind are scrawled on its beaten timbers, and a pale light shines from underneath. Once open, marble hewn stairs lead to a chamber of Chieftains from ages past. What else may be found in this once hallowed ground?

    #12 The Mine
    Deep within the mine, the noise of hammer and tong have been silenced. Only the ominous winds blows through the rocky tunnels, while a humid stench seep from below. Abandoned for years, who knows what may live within?

    #11 Desecrated Temple
    Hewn from the side of a mountain, an ancient monastery lies in shadow. Once a peaceful temple the local villagers would come to pray and worship, lately it has become a dark place, with strange cries and dull moans emanating from its stout walls. When people start to go missing, the townspeople act. What lies within this ruined place?

    #10 The Ring of Stone ****UPDATED***
    After a hard days march, the PC's stop to rest within an ancient circle of stones. Their original builders long since forgotten, they have ever been a haven for the stricken traveler as the stones structures create a naturally defensible position. As the night wears on, howls break out all around the stone ring, forcing the PC's to draw steel. Will the old gods accept yet another sacrifice, or will the PC's remind them once again why they are long forgotten?

    #9 The Breach
    After a desperate seige and terrible fighting, the PC's have done everything they can to resist the enemy! Yet despite their efforts, the wall has come crashing down, forcing the defenders to make a desperate stand within the breach. Hold the enemy as long as you can, and though relief is marching with all haste, but they must have more time. Victorious, and men will sing of this day long thereafter. Fail, and the city and its inhabitants are doomed to a hell worse than death. To the last man!

    #8 The Hidden Cave
    After fighting through an ambush, the PC's pursuit of the enemy has taken them to the edge of a cliff side. Amongst the underbrush, a cave entrance has been cleverly disguised. After cutting through the thicket, the mouth of the entrance looks hauntingly like a gaping maw eager to swallow the adventurers. What lies within?

    Epic Cartography Maps #1-7 here!
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