I was led to this site through Myth Weavers when map making came up.

Basically: I think my map sucks and would like someone to help me make good maps for my stories/gaming. If someone wants to help me out of the goodness of their own heart because I have no desired time frame then I would be happy to accomodate them, but if anyone wants payment I am sure we can work something out.

I had started making a hand drawn map for my world I am working on for a series of short novels and use in RPGs (most likely on the Myth Weavers forums), but I feel that my work is not good enough and that being hand drawn it looks a bit sloppy and a nice map using a program that can then be printed off to put on my wall during my writing would be great, and a lot more versatile for use in other mediums as well.

I have absolutely no time frame with which to stick with and do not mind if someone wants to take this up as something to do between other maps they have on hand.

Overall I'm looking for a series of maps.

1) overall global map (which I have already hand drawn and would just like it made to look nicer on a program) - this is low detail
2) political map (again, this is drawn, just needs to be converted to something worthy) - this is low detail
3) maps of each country which contain high detail - towns, cities, ruins, landmark names, etc etc (there are 8 countries)
4) 2 city maps - these cities are the 2 major cities on the world, though 1 is mostly ruins, they are seperate from any of the countries

The exact contents of each are open to the artist aside from some specific points which I need for my story to work properly. This means names and such are all up to the artist (I have named the countries but they can be changed if desired).

You can read some of what I have written here to get an idea on the feel for it, but I have halted here as I needed to flesh my world out more before I continued.

If your confused about the 8 countries 2cities things, basically the 2 cities are at either magnetic pole (on this world called sunward and darkward instead of north and south) and are no-mans in regards to military activities and are governed by people from all the countries.

This world is no-magic, but element based for combat and higher level fighters get some command over their elements. While it is low magic it has high tech but limited, the power source for the tech was created by people now dead or imprisoned and cannot be replicated as it was originally created by magic, but the tech can be created and adapted in various ways to use this power source. Though higher powered items are not available to the common people.

As stated there is no time frame and I can discuss with respective applicants what order they would like to do things, what they would like to include, what is important for the story, and how much they would like for it.

I have no scans of the 2 maps I have, but for refernces they are only A4 total size and I would not be expecting anything larger.

I have not taken into account tapering at the top of the world and would love if the person doing it could alter it to look correct, though we might get around this by increasing the size of the cities at the top.

Extra: this world has no day/night and time is calculated differently, as such some aspects of this might need to be taken into account during map making.

If you are interested or would like more information just post in this thread as I cant PM yet. Alternatively you can email me through my details since I set it to recieve all emails on here.