Hello everyone,

Let me first start off saying i apologize if i posted this in the wrong place or this is not the site at all for this. I am a little confused on what you guys do here but just quickly viewing the site i can see you all have some fantastic skills for designing this type of stuff.

My boss has sent me on a wild goose chase to create a few blueprints and find out the numbers to build a real life fort and or castle. I have called up a few people to get started but it seems that i could get thousands of different types of castles/fortress. So i guess my question to you guys is 1. What is the simplest yet effective fortress 2. While not taking 10+ years to build 3. While not being a simple surrounding wall with nothing exciting.

I am new to this so i am a blank canvas... would love some ideas/images of ideas you guys would think. I think he plans on opening it as a museum/tourist attraction. I have googled the images and saw some very impressive ones that take decades to build. We are looking more for something creative but simple.

Thanks in advanced!