*Deep Breaths Deep Breaths*

Okay the following two maps are for a play by post role playing workshop called Althanas. The challenge here is that the site is more than ten years old with an already established terrain and plenty of contradictions. I should know. I'm a moderator there. First I started out with a stylized canvas map. I even used the region's ancient name 'Al'Thayne' for this.

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I don't really care much about that one. I just used it as a tool to build a general consensus about the landmasses and the countries. Any constructive criticism is welcome though. What I'm really concerned with is the following map...

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... I used Ascension's Atlas Style Tutorial for GIMP to do this. I haven't put in any forests, rivers, boundaries or anything like that yet because I wanted to get some notes on what I've done so far before I continue. I feel like the sea board and the ocean in general are messed up in some way. I just cant put my finger on it.