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Thread: [D20 Cartographer] One Dollar Dungeons: Wizard's Weird Tower of Wonders

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    Default [D20 Cartographer] One Dollar Dungeons: Wizard's Weird Tower of Wonders

    I have just released my third map pack on and wanted to let you know! This is my third One Dollar Dungeon map (each tackling class-specific locations for all the base fantasy character classes)

    This time it is a really massive, seven-story wizard's tower. As always I include support for home printing, print-shop printing, VTT support, and a Maptools formatted version with vision blocking and a robust object layer with lots of reusable PNG images and portrait images! All this for only a buck!

    I went a little crazy with this one, so be warned that it is genuinely huge and is therefore slightly less home-printer friendly, though I do have the files to support printing at home if you choose to. Also, you can always print fewer floors than are included: it is easy to turn this into a three-story structure by selective printing. Anyway, I'll paste the copy below. Feel free to take a look, and if you do pick it up, I would love to hear what you think about it in a review!

    Have you come to pillage the lair of the mad mage? Are you an apprentice to a powerful wizard who must take care of the elemental infestation running loose in the tower? Have you finally finished construction of your mighty wizard's spire? With D20 Cartographer, the story is in your hands!

    Wizard's Weird Tower of Wonders is the third in a series of One Dollar Dungeon maps, which represent convenient starting locations or class-specific adventure locals for each traditional RPG character class. The tower is a seven story structure of truly epic proportions. The first floor is the grand entrance with a mysterious glowing sigil in the center of the tower, and a cozy living space including a greenhouse area, library, office and bedroom. The second floor features a grand ballroom-the perfect place to be struck with an Otto's Irresistible Dance trap. The next four levels are elemental-themed: The peaceful garden (earth) the moist grotto (water) the shocking Aerie (wind) and the fiery furnace (fire)! And the final story, the rooftop ramparts, is the perfect cinematic scene to confront any archmage! The tower is mapped out in typical 1 in. = 5 ft. map format.

    Be warned: This is a very big map. Files are included to print easily on your home printer but if you want to save ink, consider a print shop or the included VTT formatted files. Alternately, use this to build a smaller, 3-story structure without the elemental floors.

    Included for your convenience are several different formats including:

    • Full color map in a single .jpg (versions with and without grid)
    • High contrast black and white map in a single .jpg (great for printing on parchment textured paper)
    • Legal and A4-sized PDFs of the sliced images for your home printer

    D20 Cartographer also supports Virtual Table Top systems and includes:

    • 100DPI gridless .jpg with objects removed
    • An object file folder with over 50 .png objects and nine object portraits for private reuse in other Virtual Table Top maps
    • A MapTools .rpmap VTT file with vision blocking and objects set up for youThe Maptools file requires version 1.3b84 or higher to work.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope those who buy it enjoy it!
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    Wow dude, you are on fire....are you on summer break?
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    Nope--I was teaching abroad and just moved back to the USA a few months ago. I still haven't found a full-time job, so I have time and motivation to do well with this in the interim... same reason I am snatching up all the commissions I can manage. Heh.

    If anyone knows of any jobs opening up in the field of writing/copywriting/technical writing, definitely let me know!

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    these are so affordable I bought three! Thats three whole dollars for you good sir.
    Who is John Galt?

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    Wow, what a great idea. I'm impressed both with your craftsmanship and your entrepreneurial skills. Best of luck with this.


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    v-man : Actually, a little less than that after RPGNow takes their cut! Ha! I am doing this 1$ series just to get going, generate followers, and get my name and star-rating up as I get going. To that end, definitely feel free to do an honest review once you've had a chance to look them over!

    I plan to start doing more full-featured maps for about 2.99 each after I finish this initial series. Only Rogue, Ranger, Paladin, Warlord, and Warlock left! if anyone has good ideas for locations, I welcome suggestions! I am thinking a rogue's guild (with a tunnel leading to the neighboring jail), a ranger's camp/croft, not much idea for paladin as I've already done a cathedral, a hill-fort with training yard for the warlord, and a demonic/dragonic shrine for Warlock. I really, really hope I'm not tempted to delve into the Player's Handbook 2--these things are killing me and as I've shown, it seems like I keep making these bigger and more elaborate.

    Arsheesh : It isn't really my idea! Other folks have been doing this, and much better (Torstan is a prime example) than me, but I'm doing my best! I appreciate the compliments though--I am trying to think of more ways to market this, but other than posting on here and a few other prime websites about my releases, I don't really have any ideas. I have started a cross-promotion plan with the folks at Torn World (who I do commissioned maps for) which you can check out on the last page of my readme file if you pick up the Wizard's tower--don't know if that'll help.

    Which reminds me, If anyone else is interested in a Cartographer's Guild Cross-Promotion (though probably not by that name since I wouldn't presume to represent the guild) let me know. Here is the promotional page I stuck in the back of my newest map's readme...
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    Looks like one of the featured reviewers finally got to my products--all five star ratings, which is awesome! I wonder how long that can last?!

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    that's great man, gratz! cheers, DJ
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