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Thread: My First Map - Trinity City

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    Wip My First Map - Trinity City

    Working on trying to sort out a map for a role-playing project I'm running. Trying to make a fairly simple map of the City-State the characters get to play around in. I'm thinking of trying to keep it mostly grayscale with the size of map items exaggerated for effect. Going through the tutorials at the moment but mostly finding very colour/palette intensive ones or ones designed for photoshop. (I'm using GIMP with my fiancee's WACOM CTE-440 tablet from before we moved.)

    Would appreciate any advice or critique (feel free to roast me, I'm aware that my scribbles are a bit rough).

    This thread includes some descriptions of the areas I need to include. (The Whistle Stop Tour section.)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Trinity City Loosest Draft.png 
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    Wow, that looked a lot cleaner in gimp than it does attached. o.O

    The blue line is a river that is mostly underground/built over, not sure how to represent that on the map. Perhaps just showing the exposed parts and allow the underground parts to be inferred?

    In the main file the different regions are separated into different layers, roughly by compass direction.

    Sorry if this is disjointed, look forward to any advice.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Trinity City Blue.png 
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    Added a layer for the water, and tried to to something to represent the exposed parts of the river. Didn't turn out too well. I'm thinking this might just be a dry run for getting used to perspective and using layers properly before I try and redo this in a style better fitting the setting. (Thinking heavy blue/green/grey and more in scale like a computer read out of the area... maybe gridded...)
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