Hello Everyone,

Let me apologize if this post is in the wrong area, i am still naive when it comes to forums.

Some of you know i am in the mist of starting the early stages of creating a real-life castle. One of the first things i started was research what type of rooms would be in a castle and what type of rooms are not, and which i would like to add.

The castle will not be as those in England and Rome but it will be a fairly decent size. I don't think having four dining halls is what i am interested in. Simply some unique rooms that i have not listed below. I have organized it by floor, but feel free to simply state a room and maybe even a small description.

These can be unique, they don't have to fit in with the "royal" theme, just nothing too crazy (i.e. "the playboy room"). Anything you think that could be a big asset (Even though the playboy room would be a *pretty* big asset )

Thanks in advance!

Ground Floor:

- Grand Hall
- Kitchen
- Grand Staircase (Leading Onto Second Floor)
- Throne Room
- Grand Foyer
- Bathrooms (2)

First Floor:

- Library/Study (Quote Room, Fireplace)
- Grand Headquarters (Office)
- Master Bedroom
- Accommodations (4)
- Recreation (Chess, Pool,)
- Bathrooms (4)

Second Floor: