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    Hello Everyone,

    I am pretty new to Adobe Photoshop (CS5) and creating things like this this, or really creating things at all. I am trying to map out a simple castle with four walls and in each of those four corners, a circular watch tower. I don't want much details but i want it to be understanding of what it is, i don't want to just put a simple circle and call it a day.

    The shot will be from the sky, so you will be able to see the whole castle at one look. No side shots or 3D needed.

    I did a google search but could not find anything. Does anyone have a tutorial or maybe just an image itself of one that i could just plop on? I am not sure the best way to go about this, like i said my photoshop skills are pretty amateur but i would give any tutorial a shot. But again, if somebody knows of a simple image i could just copy on, that would be best.

    Thanks so much in advance for *all* your assistance.

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    Are you meaning something like this? It's kind of basic, 10 minutes, but I didn't want to waste a bunch of time if this is the wrong direction.

    I just made a shape with the Polygonal Lasso tool, made a selection (ctrl+click on the layer in the layer stack), shrank the selection (select - modify - contract), hit the delete key then deselect (ctrl+d).
    Then I got a 100 pixel round pencil and made 4 dots for the turrets and just made a square for the gatehouse (turrets on a new layer and gatehouse on a new layer).
    Then I put a layer style on each layer of pattern overlay (some blocks), stroke (3 pixel black), color overlay of black (set overlay mode and 50% opacity), inner glow of white (set to center, not edge, 40% opacity, size of 40), and a drop shadow.
    For the battlements I made a selection of each layer, click the path tab, hit the "make path from selection" button, and then stroked them with a square brush. The brush settings are important, set the spacing at 200%, set the angle jitter to direction.
    Back on the layers tab I made a selection of each layer, then inverted the selection, hit the delete key to erase the squares sticking out from the shapes, and deselected.
    Next, I put a grass pattern under it all.
    Lastly, I made some dirt with the 45-pixel airbrush and a layer style of color overlay of a tan, inner glow of a brown, and outer glow of same brown.

    As I said, really quick stuff and the shadows are wonky but going more in depth takes a lot more time.
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    I am amazed. I spent four hours (no joke) the other night making a simple square castle with grass and a floor (all images i found on google).

    Let me thank you in advance for your kindness and willing to share. You got the gist of it down correctly but i was going at a different aim. I wanted to make an actual square and it a few thousand pixels in size so i can create rooms inside the castle. This is the beginning stages for a castle that will most likely be built in real life. A human sized castle.

    So as you can see in the image below, it’s a basic layout with the walls of a few rooms. The only major issue is i was not able to even close to getting circular watch towers in the corners. Let me first say that to create this i used images from other peoples maps on this forums, i have no intention on taking credit for the images itself, just for putting them together. I know a lot of the sizing is off as well, like i said - i am very new to this. That image took me about four-six hours.

    Since the sizing is off and was not able to get squares i plan on attempting to remake it (much bigger, the size itself is only 1200px and the images i used are very fuzzy). So hopefully once i learn how to make watch towers that look "ok" then i will start the second version. Just cant seem to do that, or find better images. Ones that are more HD.

    Thanks so much for your fast reply and your work! it means the world to me.

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    Oh well, that's a great looking castle ! Keep going you're on the right path ! =)

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    Thank you so much, i am willing to put the time and effort into creating the best castle i can, i just cant seem to find HD images of castle floors/walls like above. I just created a new PS file of large size (5500px-6500px) i hope this will give me enough room to add the circular watch tower, a more lengthy entrance, and a backyard garden.

    EDIT: Here is what i have so far, this is a view from 8% zoom. (Its pretty big, i have a feeling i made it a bit too big).

    All: I cant seem to find a simple fence to put around the walk way to the castle, if anybody has any suggestions, please post them. Same goes for doors.
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