Hello Everyone,

I am pretty new to Adobe Photoshop (CS5) and creating things like this this, or really creating things at all. I am trying to map out a simple castle with four walls and in each of those four corners, a circular watch tower. I don't want much details but i want it to be understanding of what it is, i don't want to just put a simple circle and call it a day.

The shot will be from the sky, so you will be able to see the whole castle at one look. No side shots or 3D needed.

I did a google search but could not find anything. Does anyone have a tutorial or maybe just an image itself of one that i could just plop on? I am not sure the best way to go about this, like i said my photoshop skills are pretty amateur but i would give any tutorial a shot. But again, if somebody knows of a simple image i could just copy on, that would be best.

Thanks so much in advance for *all* your assistance.