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    So I was playing with an idea of coins (trying to tie together magic and the economy system) Anyways the idea here is to have small coins much like the USA coinage, as a money system in my fantasy world. The coins themselves contain a special gem inside, that only come in 3 sizes and shapes. They are indestructible (at least to the world I'm creating they are =D) Anyways they can be infused with magic which will end up being 6 different infusions and 1 blacked or non infused Gem. The 3 different Gem sizes would indicate rarity and power (bigger the better and the rarer). I haven't decided if the 6 different powers are all common, or if some are more rare then others as well...

    Now that I got the basic idea out. I want an opinion on how to tie these with an economy. Where I get stuck is I got all these different infusions that all would produce a different color within the gem, and then the 3 sizes of the Gems, also possible rarity of the infusion. What would be the best way to possibly condense it down to a more simple "system" of money? Instead of having like 54 different coins.... What I was thinking of was having the Size of the Gem matter, along with the clumping the infusions/rarity of infusions together. So for instance have 3 Sizes x 2 Groups (common infusions, and rare infusions)...

    Anyways ideas welcome! I haven't entirely put a ton of thought into it, I just needed something to focus on besides maps... So here are the examples of the coins, and the standardization of the coins happened, meaning that yes you can have the gem alone but if its not encased in a coin its practically worthless etc etc.

    p.s. I noticed my "borrom view" mistake, oh well haha
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