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Thread: The Butcher, The Baker, and that Other Guy

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    Default The Butcher, The Baker, and that Other Guy

    I wanted to finish this up while I had some time to do so. I came up with names for towns - took the easy way out and picked musical terms that most folks don't really know too well. Naming the terrain features was also fairly simple as I used a translator (Babylon 9) and once I decided to name my desert "The Bakery" I then decided to name my volcanoes "The Candles"...all I needed was a butcher and I had my title so the forest became "The Forest of Butchery". I know my translations are technically incorrect but I didn't have enough space to cram all that text in that some of the languages require so I took some shortcuts. The languages are Swedish, Irish, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Turkish. The parchment was one of CoyoteMax's that I tweaked out the bright areas. I am bad at drawing ships so I used the Ships n Boats font for those. The only other font on the whole thing is Bouwsma Uncial and since it doesn't have any numbers I had to use Roman numerals for the scale (0, 50, 100, 150, 200, 250). So the parchment, font, and ships are not mine but the drawing and painting are. I wanted to do something nice for the title text but I am also really bad at designing swirlies and swashes; that's also why I didn't do a proper cartouche. The rhumblines, shrug, just something I threw in instead of doing a compass. The color scheme might seem odd but I wanted to use a 19th century palette like they use in the old "bird's eye" style of city maps. It was mainly for practice and learning how to set my layers up a little better (which I failed at miserably ending up with over 100 again because each little icon has 3 layers with it, 4 with text). This version is scaled down to 66% and quality reduced from 12 to 9 to fit the forum limits. The original is 22 x 18 (6600 x 5100) and full quality jpg is 28 megs.

    What I learned: work on a smaller canvas when just practicing because it may turn into something huge

    What I still need to work on: using less layers, learn to draw boats and swirlies and cartouches, make it all "less busy" which should be easier if working on a smaller canvas.

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