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Thread: Scanners specifically designed to capture large format maps without indroducing error

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    Margaret Temkow

    Info Scanners specifically designed to capture large format maps without indroducing error

    Hello everyone,
    Happy to be a new member. Maps are my passion, and their application toward a sustainable future is my livelihood! I am a MA graduate of the Geography Program at Western Michigan University. I have a degree n Urban and Regional Planning and a Certificate in Spatial Engineering. I am now currently employed as a GIS Analyst by the W.E. Upjohn Center for the Study of Geographical Change; a research facility associated with WMU Geography.
    We have the world-wide exclusive on large format linear-array scanners designed specifically for capturing maps, and we are working hard every day to make new GIS ready data from all paper map sources. To borrow a term from the Google Earth Team, we intend to 'liberate" the data stored in paper format to the new digital era and the world of smart maps, and ultimately create a repository of new temporal map data for the world. With our specialized scanners we have had great success in creating new GIS ready data products, and our research focuses on how to create an environment for georeferencing coordinate free maps and drawings as well. In that same vein we also intend to create a virtual archive of all great map series to ensure the documents can outlive their paper format well into the future. Our current initiatives include The US Authoritative Topographic Map Series and copyright free maps of India (including centuries old Arrowsmith Maps and the Survey of India). Our website is currently a tribute to our founders, award winning Geographer, Mary Upjohn Meader, her husband Ed Meader, and their 1930s Air Photo Expedition in S. America and Africa. Coming soon we will have a variety of maps on display, and all sorts of great map information and goodies (including map and atlas downloads!)

    Not trying to sound like an infomercial here, but our scanners are THAT awesome and the center is so new I just have to shout about it I think everyone should have their maps preserved with the care and quality we provide. Looking forward to engaging in this wonderful world of map enthusiasts!

    Margaret Temkow

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    Welcome to the guild, Margaret! We make mostly fantasy maps here (a few real life ones but they are the exception) and only a tiny number of us use GIS software. I do love what you're doing in making maps available to all with great scanning techniques. It would be nice to see some examples of what your scanners can do though (I couldn't find any on the website, perhaps I missed them).

    Have you seen Cartotalk? You might find a lot more interest there as they are 'real world' mappers.

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    Welcome Aboard!
    My Finished Maps | My Challenge Maps | Ghoraja Juun, my largely stagnated campaign setting.

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