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Thread: Create Black and White fantasy maps with PS

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    Wip Create Black and White fantasy maps with PS

    Hello folks!

    Oldtime lurker here, amazed and impressed by all the nice things you have created!

    I have an old fantasy RPG campaign going on (we started 1994), and now it's time to freshen up the maps. An earlier try was made ten years ago, but I feel I want more "dark" and more detailed maps.

    I'm aiming to create them in grayscale/black and white at first, and eventually in color.

    I have uploaded some samples here:

    The picture text describes my thinking about this. You are very welcome to leave your criticism, wether good or bad.

    Some straight on questions (and here I'm referring to the Lingha Black and White map):
    - Instead of painting thousand of trees by hand, how should I do this in Photoshop? I know there's a pattern tool, but I'm not sure that it's doable without making the map too computerized.
    - Do you have any nice examples of black and white towns in various sizes?
    - Is the coastline good as is, or should I alter it?

    The map is of course not finished. Text, towns, rivers and roads is to come.

    Any input appreciated.

    I'm on Mac OS X 10.6 with Photoshop CS5.
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