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Thread: Remake of exisiting maps

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    Default Remake of exisiting maps

    Fellow artists!

    I have two inquires:
    - Remaking the maps for my ongoing RPG campaign.
    - Creating character portraits for the 14 characters in the campaign. Color, printable in A4/US Letter

    Regarding the maps, I created another thread about this, basically as follows:
    I have an old fantasy RPG campaign going on (we started 1994), and now it's time to freshen up the maps. An earlier try was made ten years ago, but I feel I want more "dark" and more detailed maps.

    I'm aiming to create them in grayscale/black and white at first, and eventually in color.

    I have uploaded some samples here:

    If you are interested in creating the maps, the character portraits, or both, please let me know and we'll have a discussion about the details and price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    The link seems to be broken.

    Welcome, btw!

    Link is corrected.

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    For the character portraits, 12rounds does some nice ones, but I don't know how available he/she is. You can try to pm 12rounds but you need to have 5 posts before the board will let you send/receive pms (anti-spam).

    As for remaking your maps, I'm sure you'll find a lot of interest, but do check out the sticky at the top of this forum which will give you some good guidelines in phrasing your request.

    Best of luck!

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    Hey there! I am always interested in picking up commissions. Feel free to take a look at my gallery and see if you see anything you like! My e-mail is JoshuaABennett (at) Gmail (dot) com!

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    I might be interested in helping out on the maps. I'm going to be out of town this weekend but I will try to check my emails. You can check out some of my work in my signature links and we can go from there.
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    Another person interested in the map aspect here. My style is an attempt to replicate the work of pen and ink cartographers like Raisz and de Fer using vector graphics. (I don't claim to be anywhere remotely near as good as either of the aforementioned cartographers though) So the result is a black an white map eminently suitable for printing. For colour I favour subtle watercolour effects to enhance the terrain symbology.

    You can see my work here at the guild, and at DeviantArt:

    I'm afraid the portrait bit is well outside my skillset.

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    Hello again!

    Thanks for the interest!

    I have looked at all interested person's galleries, and I have found something I like with each artist.

    I realize that one of the most important factors is price. I have really *no clue* what I would like to pay. I know what I can afford, but that's probably way too small for the most of you...

    To take a step forward I would like to split the projects to the following:

    The world map of Gelorien
    Gelorien is a country consisting of several small islands, aka "regions". The size of the entire empire is appr. 320 km wide (appr 200 miles).
    I'm able to pay $100 for a map as detailed as my earlier, but in a new style.

    Regional maps
    All regional maps have a lot of details, and I am not able to pay very much for each, since there are 19 regions in total.
    Make me an offer, I think my limit is $10-$50 per map, depending.

    I have alreday asked my players for this, and we are able to pay $20 per character. (The players pay for their characters, I pay for the rest)

    I am aware that these prices may be extremely small. But I really have no clue. Should I just forget it?


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    Hey there - I would be willing to do maps as well, but the character portraits sound like a lot of fun; i havent had a chance to do any for a while!

    If youre interested let me know and we can discuss style etc; $20 ea. sounds reasonable.

    Heres an example of one style of illustration I do, ink on paper:

    And if you take a look at my map portfolio and like what you see id be more than willing to do some of those too
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    Hmmm...Looks like you have CC3 there. If you are interested in having your maps redone in CC3 for future use, I am yer man
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