Working with CC3 for some time, I've progressed in creating islands on a small scale, but have begun to feel overwhelmed when dealing with the world map I need.

My first attempt was with an 11x17 colored pencil drawing, however, I wished to scan it for print and had to cut up each island section to fit the scanner.

I have 11x17 cardstock parchment paper and need to re-size everything to fit, but with each step I take to move sections, I find myself trying to redraw the section altogether.

This is the map after it was cut up, and pieced back together on the scanner with an 8.5x11 sheet to fill in the holes.

Everything is cluttered together due to my need to cut it up and make it fit the scanner. Some details are important to recreate, while others could be embellished. The "Fork of the Sea," for example, is supposed to be the three tips of a massive trident protruding the waves. Though it's perspective view is from above, when it should be slightly from the side. The whirlpools are and waves are important because of the hazards of the waters there.

There are four symbols in the North, South, East and West. These could be larger, more emphasized, but are rather simple and I could find separate pictures of them.

Towards the top-right there is a section just referred to as "Aquatic Elves" that is supposed to depict a crater under the water and I fear I only partially conveyed this.

The "Isle of Ash" is actually just as it says, a giant island of ash or black sand. There are supposed to be depictions of tombstones (as these are "doorways" to another realm) that are not to scale, but icons. Surrounding the island is the skeletal remains of a sea serpent.

Above the "Isle of Ash" is an enlarged view of the positions of symbols in relation to the islands. Each symbol: Salt, Steel, Gold, Wood, and Light are alchemical and wiccan symbols. I could try and find better detailed images if necessary.

The "Leviathan Teeth" are rocks protruding the surface, though they are intended to have slightly flattened and curved characteristics.

"The Wilds" I adore the rich color I was able to get for the jungles. Towards the South West of the islands is a claw, the formation of all the island being a paw/arm.

Lastly is the octagonal shape of the "I Ching" "Ba Gua" or Trigram/Hexagram. The center of it being a circle with eight spokes protruding from a large palace.

It took me quite a lot of convincing myself to come onto this site and show this. On DeviantArt it is public, but not seen by many, and I worry it might be used by someone. I don't have an intention to publish it, but I'm a stickler for feeling my work is original and would hate anyone looking at it to say "Hey, I've seen that before!"

In summation, help would be greatly appreciated, I hope what I have would be easy to reproduce yet still fulfilling. I'm hoping because of the simplistic design it would not take long to finish. I have not yet posted enough to gain Private Messaging, but you can Note me on DeviantArt and I can give you my email.

Thanks for your time and I hope this project will intrigue you to help an neophyte cartographer.