Hi all,

Kevin James Breaux here. I need a map made for the sequel to my book, SOUL BORN, by Dark Quest Books. I originally had a cartographer from here, but do to personal reasons he had to bow out. So I am in need a someone for a job that needs to be completed by by end of August at the latest. Sooner would be better. I can supply you with an old map and details on the lands. The map will be B+W in the book, so greyscale is good.

The map you make will be printed in a book published by Dark Quest Books and available world wide. I will give you credit in the book. I will also post the map on my sites and give you credit there. I will tweet, blog, facebook and all about you and your sites. I will PAY CASH as well.

If you are interested please email me kbreaux23@yahoo.com with samples, or a gallery link. Let me know how much you charge for making maps too.

Thank you.

Kevin James Breaux