I am on Step 6 of RobA's "Simple Mountains in GIMP" tutorial, and what I have doesn't appear at all like the pictures in the .pdf. This alone would not alarm me, but everything I do from here on out doesn't resemble anything like what I am supposed to be seeing until I end up with what looks like a microscopic close up of a bone nick from a CSI episode rather than a mountain range. I am certain I am doing something wrong, but I have been unable to figure out what that is.

The step reads, "6) Create another black filled layer named "Angular Fill". With our feathered selection, fill it with a Shaped (dimpled) gradient fill." I perform this step (duplicating all of the settings pictured in the .pdf for the Gradient Fill). However, when I complete the fill, instead of getting a Gradient Fill that shows white where the peaks would be I get the opposite (image below) where the white appears on the edges and the center ridge is darkest. I followed all of the steps up until this point to the letter, but I can't seem to get it right. Am I performing the Gradient Fill incorrectly? Am I missing some script or plugin? Can I invert the colors?

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